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Confirmed: Meghan Markle Will Not Attend Coronation

Meghan Markle meets with a group of primary school children

The Endless Drama From The Meghan Markle Camp

Well, well, well, it seems like our favorite C-list actress has declined the invite to the coronation, and it is rumored that she has some big aspirations. According to recent rumors, Meghan Markle is considering running for president. Now, I'm not one to gossip, but I can't help but wonder what her platform would be. Will she campaign for better acting opportunities for former Suits cast members? Or she'll focus on implementing her misguided, woke royal family traditions into American politics since she failed to maintain the grace of Princess Kate.

Either way, she'll have no problem getting the paid votes since paying for her awards has been successful so far. But let's be honest, can we trust someone who married into the royal family and single-handedly ripped the family apart to lead our country? I mean, she couldn't even handle the British tabloids; how would she handle Congress? All jokes aside, if Meghan Markle does decide to run for president, it will be the most dramatic gaslit election yet. A real symbol of how broken our country has become, or at least provides SouthPark and SNL might have some new material heading their way. In the meantime, she is hoping to stir some publicity by allowing her publicist to announce that Meghan Markle Will Not Attend Coronation,


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